r-Trio Max Mop

All-rounder mop with maximized dirt removal

The r-Trio Max, an ingeniously designed single-sided mop. Its unique 4-line cleaning zone architecture effortlessly achieves remarkable results with minimal exertion. The robust scrubbing zone releases trapped dirt, while the microfibre zone excels in deep cleaning. The absorbent outer zones effortlessly handle spills and debris, complemented by the low-friction center zone that guarantees smooth gliding. 

Verified hygiene excellence by external testing institutes, r-Trio is produced in Europe, ensuring quick delivery while minimizing CO₂ emissions impact.

Product Benefits

  • Easy gliding loop construction adjusts to any hard surface, even heavily soiled.
  • Perfected 4-line cleaning zones
    • Strong scrubbing zones to loosen trapped dirt
    • Microfibre zones for deep cleaning
    • Highly absorbent outer zones for excellent pick up of spills,loose dirt and hair
    • Low friction center zone for smooth gliding
  • Ideal for wide sqm-floor coverage
  • Made using more than 35% recycled materials
  • Up to 99.9% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces, tested by a 3rd party lab
  • Optimized mop frame attachment, improved holding force of hook & loop backing and convenient mop hangers
  • Durable performer: Withstands up to 500 machine washes
  • European manufacturing
Descrição Tamanho (cm) Caixa..Art...Num.. Packs/Caixa Pcs/pack
Express Pro r-Trio Max (Hook&Loop, CC) 425x113x20 cm 173.433 20 1

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