r-MicroLite Max Mop

XL-performance and hygiene specialist

r-MicroLite Max is a single-sided, high-performance mop featuring an advanced XL mop architecture with symmetric cleaning lips, enabling swift and efficient corner and skirting board cleaning. Its microfiber structure ensures thorough cleaning, while strategically positioned scrubbing islands effortlessly tackle sticky dirt. Experience smooth gliding as you clean.

A hygiene specialist designed for the thorough cleaning of sealed or smooth floor surfaces, along with structured vinyl floors. Expect impeccable cleanliness and hygiene as results.

Product Benefits

  • For general cleaning of sealed or smooth surfaces, specialized for structured vinyl floors
  • Highly effective XL mop construction to clean deeper, wider cleaning
  • Symmetric cleaning lips for efficient corner and skirting cleaning
  • Microfibre mop, easy gliding with scrubbing islands for sticky dirt
  • Proven hygiene: Up to 99.99% Bovine coronavirus removal from vinyl surfaces, tested by third party lab
  • Made from more than 35% recycled materials and fully recyclable
  • Long lasting, withstands over 500 wash cycles
  • User-friendly I-strip mop attachment
  • Made in Europe
Descrição Tamanho (cm) Caixa..Art...Num.. Packs/Caixa Pack Núm.Art. Pcs/pack
UltraSpeed Pro r-MicroLite Max (CC) 40 173.420 20 173.421 1

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